Choose from more than 85 hours of education!

As a courtesy to our attendees, TCIA submits our program to various industry organizations for CEU approval prior to the show. We are currently in the process of obtaining CEU approval. Information about CEUs will be provided late July/early August.


  • MTE CEUs - Maryland requires all companies working in the state to have a Licensed Tree Expert. You'll find plenty of CEUs to keep your education current!
  • NALP - The National Association of Landscape Professionals offers recertification at 1 CEU/hr. of attendance.
  • ASCA - The American Society for Consulting Arborists offers 12 possible CEUs for trade show attendance
  • MCA - Massachusetts Certified Arborists offers 2.0 credits per day of attendance.

Wednesday, November 6

EHAP (Electrical Hazards Awareness Program) 6.5 6.5

Crane Crew Training 6.5 6.5    
Crew Leader Qualification 6.5 6.5    
PHC Strategies 5.5
TCIA Accredtation 4


Thursday, November 7

Arborist Safety Update  1      
Tree Pruning Essentials 1
Leadership for Crew Leaders and Managers 1 1  
BeyondTraining: A Complete Performance Improvement Process 1 1
Take the Lead and Inspire your Crew! 1 1
Biomechanics for Tree Climbers 1 1
Tree Removal: Up to Date Rigging 1.25 1.25    
Train your Replacement 1.25 1.25

Friday, November 8

Mentoring: A Solution to Employee Problems and Growth 1 1    
Tree Climbing Competitions: All Play? 1 1

Successfully Working with First Responders 1 1

Urban Rigging 1.25 1.25    
Safety Culture: What are you hiding? 1.25 1.25    
Safety management Systems: Leading and Lagging Indicators 1 1

Production Climbing: The More you know the less you need 1 1

Balance Time Management 1

Plant Health Care: How Can You Improve? 1

Cabling and Bracing: Back to Basics 1.25

7 Principles of a Tree Business 1.25

Navigating a Grapple Saw Crane Business 1

Spotted Laternfly: Get Ahead of it Now! 1.5


Saturday, November 9

Aerial Rescue: Old School vs. New School
Importance of Climbing and Rigging Gear Inspections 1

Safe Practices During Crane Operations

7 Deadly Sins of Workers' Comp 1

Tree Demo Sessions    1.0 each
CTSP and ISA only