How It Works: SCD 2017 Competition

So you’re headed to Columbus, OH, for Student Career Days…

Mark CSTIHL is one of SCD’s biggest supporters (when you see them at SCD and TCI EXPO, say hello and thank them for their support!). With STIHL comes another big supporter of SCD, Mark Chisholm – perhaps you’ve heard of him?

Mark is a third-generation, certified arborist with his family-owned Aspen Tree Expert Company in New Jersey. Mark is also a state and international climbing champion, as well as a world record holder for the 50-foot secured footlock. His expertise in tree care has made him a sought-after consultant and industry spokesperson for the world of arboriculture, and he regularly travels the globe to consult with international arborist associations and conducts educational sessions nationwide on behalf of STIHL Inc.

We asked Mark how students can prepare for the Tree Care Skills Competition. “Preparing should start with understanding the elements that will be tested and learning the rules and scoring system. Once you understand the expectations you can begin to qualify your gear and practice some skills,” says Mark. “Have fun with it by not getting to stressed out about your performance. Everyone is there for the same reasons as you are and the comradery at the event will amaze you! And if you spot me, come say hello and ask me any questions you have!”

He also has some tips for how to make yourself stand out to potential employers throughout the weekend. “To stand out express yourself in the most professional way possible to all of the volunteers and participants. Show good sportsmanship and cheer everyone on and try to help one another and accept help on your end.”

Now… let’s dig into how the competition works.


Are you pumped, yet? SCD and TCI EXPO 2017 are right around the corner! We can’t wait to see you all PPE’d up and ready to go!