SafetyTech Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads Designed for Mini Cranes & Compact Track Lifts


September 13, 2017 (Guthrie Center, Iowa) DICA will debut a new style of SafetyTech® Outrigger Pads for the tree care industry at the TCI Expo, Nov. 2-4, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. SafetyTech Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads are designed for equipment with multi-position, self-leveling outriggers, as found on mini cranes and compact track lifts.

DICAOutriggers on mini cranes and compact track lifts fold out and engage the ground at an angle. They also can be positioned individually and in varying positions, making proper outrigger pad placement difficult.

Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads fit onto the outrigger feet and lock in place, so that the outrigger pads are exactly where you need them when the outrigger foot engages with the ground. Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads allow outrigger feet to slide securely within the pad as each outrigger engages. This means less re-positioning for operators as the lift or crane is setup, improving safety and efficiency. In addition, stop blocks on the sides and ends of the outrigger pad securely hold the Sliding Shoe on the foot when driving the personnel lift or crane into position.

“Tree care industry professionals are looking for an outrigger pad that is simple to use,” said Kerry Koberg, Strategic Accounts Manager. “In tree care applications it’s often necessary to take advantage of multiple outrigger positions to setup mini cranes and compact track lifts on inclines or against obstructions. The ability to self-deploy makes Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads an efficient solution for equipment setup, which will minimize crew fatigue,” he said.

Custom sizes of SafetyTech Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads are available for specific foot specifications found on many different brands of mini cranes and compact track lifts. Standard models provide a working load limit of at least 18,000 lbs.

See Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads in action in a YouTube video produced by All Access Equipment of the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro Tracked Lift. 

Visit DICA at Booth 1713 at the Tree Care Industry Expo. Also see Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads displayed with All Access Equipment compact track lifts at Booth 1332.

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