Timber Warriors Promoting Friendly Competition at the TCI Expo

St. Charles, Mo. – Timber Warriors is inviting Expo attendees to partake in some light-hearted fun while talking with Timber Warriors’ executive staff and perusing the Expo floors. As attendees absorb valuable business and safety information, from Timber Warriors and neighboring exhibitors, the opportunity for recreation will be available outside of booth #1207.

The first contest, which will be available during the Trade Show hours Thursday through Saturday, resembles an infamous game from the long-time gameshow, “The Price is Right.” Contestants who narrow in on the correct price can receive industry-related necessities such as climbing and safety gear.

Timber Warriors’ second festivity, “Throw Bag Toss,” is going to put arborists’ skills to the test. Who can place a throw bag into the small, designated slots? Join in on the competition any time until Friday at 12:00 p.m., when leading ISA Chapter representatives will compete against one another in the championship round outside of the Timber Warriors booth.

For more information on Timber Warriors and the whereabouts of the crew during the TCI Expo, visit www.timberwarriors.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Timber Warriors

Timber Warriors, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, is the storm recovery crew; preforming emergency tree removal, debris disposal, tarp and board-up services for more than 60 insurance companies in 49 states. Timber Warriors currently manages the most successful and streamlined tree-service-contractor network in the nation and is continuously seeking additional members to join this network as the company continues to partner with additional insurances and service new areas. Timber Warriors strives to provide superior emergency services while fostering rewarding relationships with members, by providing continuous educational opportunities, and while providing employees with a secure and rewarding work environment.

17 Research Park Dr., Suite 300, St. Charles, MO 63304