Tree Demos

Thursday, November 7 facilitated by North American Training Solutions

10:30 am   Chain Saw Safety and Cutting Techniques
12:00 pm   Technical Tree Climbing
 1:15 pm   Arborist Technical Rigging
 2:00 pm    Leadership Training for Arboricultural Workers

Friday, November 8

10:30 am   Moving Efficiently and Safely in a Tree - Krista Strating, 2018 Women's ITCC Champion
12:00 pm   Creative Spar Solutions - Lawrence Schultz, Pfanner Man
1:15 pm   Transitioning from Tree to Truck - Phil Kelley, Wright Tree Service

Saturday, November 9

9:00 am   DSRS Work Positioning: Twice the Rope, Twice the Fun - Mac Swan, Mac Swan Tree Care
11:00 am   SRS Systems: What About the Gear - Donny Coffey, CTSP, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, LLC


As a courtesy to our attendees, TCIA submits our program to various industry organizations for CEU approval prior to the show. We are currently in the process of obtaining CEU approval for tree demos.