NV EARTH is Launching it's New Spray Oil at TCI EXPO

NV EARTH is launching it's new biodegradable, multi-use spray oil at TCI Expo.  It has exceptional lubricity, no petrochemical vapors and passes the ASTM D665B saltwater corrosion test. Formulated with the most advanced bio-based chemistries to meet your performance demands but still remain earth friendly. Up until now there has not been a spray oil dedicated to the arborist and their unique requirements in sensitive areas.  NV EARTH is committed to developing products for arborists that make their job easier and take away their exposure to toxic petrochemicals.  Safer for EARTH and Safer for You!  Please stop by booth #134 for a sample of our hand scrub and to learn more about our other new products being launched at TCI Expo.  See you in Pittsburgh. 

NV EARTH where the planet's resources and life are our eNVy.  We are proud to offer you an exceptional line of eNVironment safer, bio-based lubricants, cleaners and absorbents.   NV EARTH products are independently tested, made from plant material, biodegradable and much safer to use compared to petro-chemical alternatives.  Our goal is to significantly reduce operator exposure to chemical hazards and minimize environmental pollution.  Using naturally derived components provides exceptional application performance while benefiting all aspects of life, especially cleaner water and cleaner air.   You can make an impact through choice so don't wait for others, help lead them by example.  We appreciate your purchase and the opportunity to serve your green conscience.

Jeanette Talbot
Director of Operations
Dynamic Green Products/NV Earth
O: 844.NV.EARTH (68.32784) x 102
C: 671.864.4263