Recruiting, training and retaining a qualified workforce


For the past several years, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) has spearheaded efforts to recruit and train the workforce needed to support the tree care industry. Based on the lessons learned during that time, TCIA is pleased to announce a refocus and reinvigoration of its workforce development efforts.

Focus on recruitment

Outside Careers WebsiteThere are thousands of job openings throughout the tree care industry that can be filled TODAY, which is why we are increasing our investment in assisting tree care businesses with recruitment efforts.

We are enhancing as a platform to communicate with two audiences: employers and job seekers. For employers, we will be providing toolkits to assist with recruiting and hiring, and establishing an industry Career Center to connect employers with job seekers.

TCIA is also proud to be launching a national marketing campaign to bring awareness to our industry. This campaign will create excitement around careers in tree care and attract motivated candidates to the Career Center to apply for jobs.

Availability of apprenticeship

tree care workers examining leavesThanks to TCIA’s efforts, for the first time the tree care industry has a nationally registered apprenticeship, and that will not be changing. In acting as the program sponsor however, TCIA encountered regulations that would have unduly involved the association in the employer-employee relationship and limited the flexibility of employers in implementing their own programs.

As a result, TCIA filed National Guidelines with the U.S. Department of Labor, ensuring that the industry continues to have a nationally registered apprenticeship program.

TCIA will aid employers who wish to register their apprenticeship programs with appropriate state or federal agencies. For more information, contact

Supporting employee training

TCIA has long served the industry by providing employee training programs, covering everything from tree climbing to electric hazards. TCIA will continue to develop, both internally and with industry partners, resources to assist tree care businesses in establishing and tracking apprenticeship competencies and related instruction.

To learn more about these initiatives, join us for the Workforce Development Forum Thursday, Nov. 8 at 1:00pm at the Charlotte Convention Center. This forum is free for all registered TCI EXPO attendees.