Employer Tips from Schneider Tree Care

SCD attendees at the job fair

Looking for tips to help you navigate your job search? Well… we have info direct from the source!

Ryan Chipman, vice president of business development at Schneider Tree Care, and Brandon Brown, president, were kind enough to take a few minutes and spill the beans about what they’re looking for in a candidate, as well as share a bit about their experience in the industry.

Can you share one story from your first few years in the tree care industry? Brandon: What led me to my career path in the tree care industry is a little atypical… although funny, so stick with me.

During my internship at Callaway ardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, the Southern Pine Beetle had decimated many of the pine trees in the Gardens. Hundreds of removals later, while in 95+ degree weather (and sweating from every pore in my body) I started to feel creepy crawlies... Unsure of what it was, I pulled my shirt up to realize that I had been near a bed of ticks and they were crawling all over me out of the pine straw! I had to strip down naked in the Gardens and hurriedly hand-rake all these ticks off of me!

Second experience was while climbing an oak tree; a fire ant mound had developed in the crotch of the tree, and before I knew it, I had fire ants all over me while tied into the tree. You can imagine my fear while trying to maintain safety AND get my pants off!

Don't get me wrong, I still love tree work; it just opened my eyes to other career opportunities within the tree care industry!

What do you look for when hiring? How can students stand out? Ryan: We look for engaged, excited, happy people! We're looking for people who want to make a difference in the industry, as well as build an exciting career.

What is your best tip for students when they begin their first job (or internship)? Ryan: Ask questions! Learn a lot. Take every opportunity to gain experience. Be humbly confident.

As a partner, why do you believe SCD is an important event to support?

Ryan: You are the future of our industry! As more and more people live with trees, they will need qualified people to care for them.


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