Hone in on your skills at SCD!

Vertical Rope Ascent


Located: Climbing Booth

At the Vertical Rope Ascent, you’ll be exposed to SRS and have an opportunity to learn some basic SRS skills. This is a supervised instruction. If it turns out you’d like to compete, let us know and we’ll be sure to time your ascent!

Knot Tying

Located: Student Quad

Each competitor has ten minutes to tie, dress, and set a series of eight pre-selected knots/hitches and complete a multiple-choice quiz to indicate the appropriate use for each knot/hitch.

Safety Gear Check

Located: Student Quad

This exam will test the contestants’ ability to distinguish between safe and unsafe climbing and personal protective equipment (PPE). Students will rotate through 10 stations, spending 30 seconds at each station, where they will inspect the equipment and decide if it is fit for use. If the answer no, they will describe the defect in writing.