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Wednesday, November 3, 2021 (Pre-Conference)


Travis Vickerson, CTSP,QCL, Chippers, Inc
Bill Owen, CTSP,QCL, Brightview Tree Care Service – East Bay Tree

This highly interactive one-day workshop is for aspiring, new and veteran crew leaders. Develop and hone your leadership, communication, and personnel management skills. Learn how to apply these skills to strengthen your team.

Topics and activities include:

  • How to communicate with clients
  • How to create and maintain professionalism in your crew
  • How to motivate crew members.
  • Train crew members to help you better resolve conflicts with clients and crew members.

Eligibility: Please be aware that in order to attend the workshop and be eligible to participate in the Crew Leader Qualification workshop and take the exam you would need to complete the following steps:

  1. Purchase the Tree Care Academy Crew Leader manual and successfully complete the self-study course which includes taking the online test.  (separate purchase required).
  2. Register for workshop and qualification exam by calling 603-314-5380
    Workshop materials will be provided at the workshop.

The Workshop Fee: Includes Lunch
TCIA Member: $295
Non-Member: $395

Travis Vickerson Bio
Bill Owen Bio

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Speaker Highlight - Bill Owen

Wayne Coleman

In this workshop, candidates will review safety management system concepts and receive professional instructions in teaching safety concepts to adults and in developing a coaching style based on their company’s needs. Role-playing exercises and skills demonstrations will be utilized. Call 800-733-2622 to get more information.

Eligibility: Please be aware that in order to attend the workshop and be eligible to take the CTSP exam you would need to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit to enroll in the program (separate purchase required)
  2. Complete homework – all 13 Critical Thinking exercise and Safety Program checklist.
  3. Register for workshop and exam by calling 603-314-5380

Training Materials: The Training Clinic “Effective On-the-Job Training” is included.

The CTSP Virtual Exam: will be proctored online using the ProctorFree software. Requirements – Good internet/bandwidth connection, quiet space, headset or earbuds, webcam. Tablets and mobile devices are not supported. Proper ID is required to scan. The exam is available beginning 11/07/2021; 12:00 am (ET) and closes at 11/12/2021; 11:30 pm (ET). The candidates will receive additional instructions.

Municipal and Utility Arborists:

Because your employers are ineligible for TCIA membership, the CTSP program extends TCIA member pricing to you for enrollment and certification workshops as a professional courtesy.

Workshop and Exam Fees:

TCIA member – $415 Early Bird (10/20/21); After EB deadline $455
Non-TCIA member – $575 Early Bird (10/20/21): After EB deadline $590
Lunch and proctor fees are included in the pricing. 8 ISA CEUs

Alex Julius, Davey Tree Expert Tree Company
Nicole Belhumeur, Bartlett Tree Experts
Jennifer McPhee, Harrison McPhee, Inc
Bear LeVangie, Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop (WTCW)
Sue Boardman, PuzzleHR
Amy Grewe, Arbor Aesthetics Tree Service
Kristy Hiller, TCIA, VP, Administration and Operations
Stephenie Drago, TCIA, Director of Marketing and Communications

This year, we are excited to introduce the Women in Tree Care (WITC) Workshop, a training day of tools and techniques to improve tree care business operations. Small to medium-sized company operations staff are invited to attend this first-ever workshop to learn about mentorship, HR processes, conflict resolution, and communication. In addition to guest speakers and panelists, this workshop will encourage interactivity as we tackle difficult subjects and, of course, plenty of networking opportunities.

Space is limited so register early to reserve your spot in the newest addition to TCI EXPO’21!

Included with your registration is a custom Women in Tree Care notebook with inspirational quotes from women in the industry! Attendees also receive complimentary digital access to the Illness and Injury Prevention Program, which is a large collection of important policies and checklists to help you build and manage your safety/compliance program. The first 40 registrants by 9/30/21 will also receive a complimentary Women In Tree Care TCI EXPO ‘21 commemorative shirt.

The workshop fee includes lunch.

Note: TCIA is providing two scholarships to women in the tree care industry to help fund their attendance at this workshop. The deadline to apply is Sept. 30, 2021. Complete your application form on

TCIA Member: $125 | Non-Member: $175

To end the day, join in on the fun! We invite you to show off your skills and keep the conversation going at our after-hours ax-throwing event! Registration is separate and limited. From 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at Bad Axe Throwing, just around the corner from the Indiana Convention Center. $45/pp snacks included, cash bar. This event is for individuals who want to grow with and support women in arboriculture, and is open to all!

This Women in Tree Care Workshop is sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts and Davey Tree Expert Company

Don’t miss out on the Woman In Tree Care FREE Forum Thursday, November 4th at 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM LEARN MORE

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Speaker Highlight - Jennifer McPhee
Lisa Manning, EOS Trainer
Paul Tigner, CPA, CEO Fairshare Advisors

This workshop will be broken up into two (two hour) sessions.

First up: Lisa Manning – “Speed Growth with the Right People in the Right Seats” – Lisa is a certified EOS implementer and led TCIA’s adoption of Traction tools.

80% of the problems businesses face are people-related. How do you know if you have the right people? During this interactive workshop, you will learn the best way to evaluate your people using a tool to help you gain clarity around whether you have the right people in the right seats. Come learn why core values matter and how you can discover yours. You will leave with tools you can implement right away.

Second half of the workshop: Paul Tigner, CPA and the CEO of TCIA corporate member Fair Share Advisors, will provide the key financial metrics you need, in business owner-friendly language, to help you monitor the health and growth of your business.


  • Business Management Basics
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Expense Analysis
  • Payroll Expenses
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Credit Card Fee Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budgets
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • Activity
    • Growth
    • Expenses
  • Tax Planning
  • Equipment Buy or Lease Analysis
  • Retirement Plans
  • Medical Plans

TCIA Member: $130 | Non-Member: $195

Lisa Manning Bio

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Speaker Highlight - Bill Owen

Bob Rouse, TCIA; TCIA Auditors

You know you want to strengthen your business, but how to go about it? Well, TCIA has the perfect answer for you, whether your business is small or large! TCIA Accreditation can help your company discover all of the potential it has to become stronger and more successful in all aspects. If you’re considering or are just curious about the TCIA Accreditation credential and process, this is the workshop for you! Hear first-hand stories and testimonials from TCIA Accredited tree care companies and meet with members of the Accreditation and Utility Contractor Accreditation Council, your new best friends in your business health journey! Get all your questions answered, even those questions you didn’t know you had!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

David White, CEO, Tree Care Industry Association

Many of us have embarked on one or more rounds of strategic planning during our time in business management. That exercise comprised of bringing together stakeholders to brainstorm a desired future state of the company. The result is typically 3-5 “SMART” goals, some key measures, and usually a marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, very little tends to change in terms of the day-to-day operations of the company. That is because this strategic planning focuses on the “what,” not the “who,” “why,” or “how.” One of the crucial determinants of an organization’s ability to achieve goals is its culture. However, this is almost never discussed in strategic planning. Your culture provides a common set of values, allowing you to attract the right people to help you achieve your goals. Culture includes a shared vision for the organization and shows how everyone’s contributions are tied to that vision. And finally, culture allows you to establish that behavior is as important as results.

David White Bio
Stephen Connally, Adaptable Aerial Solutions LLC

We have developed many observational skills over our lifetime. Learn how to evaluate the general condition of someone who appears sick or who has been injured on a job site. Basic interaction and observation of critical abnormalities is an innate ability we all have. By harnessing these powers of observation, you can learn to hone the skills already inherent in you. These common-sense observations and assessments, if done in a timely and organized manner, could be the difference between life or death of an accident victim. Acting on these findings and relaying them quickly to incoming first responders is a critical step in a positive outcome.

Stephen Connally Bio

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Speaker Highlight - Bill Owen

Gerry Breton, CTSP, Lucas Tree Expert

5G utilizes small cell infrastructures to support 5G cell service. These small cells are an essential part of the growth of 5G service networks and are designed to be as discreet as possible to blend in with the environment. Essential as they are, cell infrastructure has the potential for exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation. Workers within proximity to cell sites may be exposed to dangerous levels of RF signals without knowing it. We will review current information and the critical steps you need to protect your crews when they encounter this new infrastructure during tree trimming activities.

Gerry Breton Bio

Zack Shier, Joseph Tree Service

This session provides in-depth options for urban tree care companies to advance their knowledge and practices specific to urban tree nutrition and plant health care (PHC). Essential techniques can be utilized by new PHC companies and programs, as well as established firms. Science-based systems, modern approaches, and case study anecdotes are included in this presentation. Creating a comprehensive tree nutrition program is the foundation of a successful plant health care program. You will gain a general understanding of plant growth regulators, nutrient testing, proper applications, and ways to assess the program itself.

Zack Sheir Bio

Tim Bushnell, CTSP, The Davey Tree Expert Co.

Misconfigurations are becoming more common as the multitude and variety of ropes, connectors, arborist saddle hardware, and pulleys continue to increase. Tim will set up some common misconfigurations and discuss the reasoning behind them and review safer alternatives. These deep dives into one or two specific misconfigurations will increase your overall understanding of the concept.

Tim Bushnell Bio

Noel Boyer, CTSP, All About Trees

Noel will discuss ways that businesses can make employees happy, ASIDE FROM just money. With a great team, culture can make your company safer, happier, more loyal, and yes, even great!

Noel Boyer Bio

Lawrence Schultz, Pfanner Man

Lawrence will share in-depth analyses of the challenges and considerations encountered in the concrete jungle. Rope-rigging is one of the most demanding and technical types of work arborist encounter. This is especially true when space is limited with targets close.

Fundamental techniques become the building blocks of the master plan to safely deconstruct arboricultural puzzles. How do we apply them to figure out the toughest puzzle in the tightest spaces? We apply fundamental knowledge creatively! We will look at unique combinations of tried-and-true building blocks to accomplish the impossible. A pairing of job site pictures and video footage recorded from actual jobs will highlight real-world examples from the field.

Lawrence Schultz Bio

Lindsey Purcell, Purdue University

The profession of Arboriculture has evolved into an applied science over many years and basic ethical principles have forged the way for our industry to grow as a respected profession. Lindsey will discuss ethics and practices in tree care and how we can continue to apply and influence our collective professionalism.

Lindsey Purcell Bio

Mike Tilford, CTSP, SavATree

Job briefings are a critical step to ensuring crew safety and compliance with OSHA/ANSI standards. You will learn what is needed in a thorough job briefing and to effectively communicate hazards and work planning to keep your crew safe.

Mike Tilford Bio

Geoff Kempter, Asplundh Tree Expert

The unsung efforts of utility arborists help make modern life possible by ensuring a safe and reliable electricity supply. Today, most utilities reference ANSI A300 Standards and ISA Best Management Practices (BMPs) in their specifications. These standards and BMPs are written for all areas of the U.S.A. and allow end-users considerable flexibility in interpretation based on location. This inherent flexibility might create scenarios where results, although technically in compliance with standards and BMPs, are not optimal for the utility, their customers, or the trees. Geoff will discuss how to use the industry standards and BMPs to optimize the best results for all stakeholders and how every arborist should stress the importance of this work with their customers.


Room 209

Aiden O’Brien, TCIA

Young people and new businesses make up a large part of the tree care industry, but it can be difficult for them to connect and find the resources they need to be successful. Hear about the experiences of other young people, and discuss ways you can get involved with TCIA to benefit your career and business.

Room 234

Bob Rouse and Bryan Dalton, TCIA

TCIA will socialize its Arborist Apprenticeship Program support model and showcase its Related Learning resources. The forum will also provide opportunities for the group to crowd source ideas and opportunities to recruit, train and retain a viable workforce.

Room 113

John Hendricksen, Independent Consultant and Tom Dunn, TCIA

Want to know what a peer-to-peer group is all about? Get answers and learn how you can get involved with the only peer-to-peer networking group dedicated to the tree care industry!

John Hendricksen Bio

Room 235

Moderator: Amy Tetreault and Stephenie Drago, TCIA

Being a woman working in a male-dominated industry can present challenges. Guest speakers and attendees will gather together to discuss specific topics, such as running a woman-owned business, developing a growing career, and more. All attendees are welcome to attend to network and engage in conversations about their experiences in this industry.

Room 208

Facilitated by Tim Walsh, Davey Tree Expert Co; Peter Gerstenberger, Bryan Dalton, Bob Rouse, and Irina Kochurov, TCIA

Current and prospective CTSPs can come together here to discuss common challenges, opportunities and other topics of mutual interest.

Room 234

Bob Rouse and Bryan Dalton, TCIA

TCIA will be rolling out the new Approved Instructor Guidelines and launching its Trainer’s Community at this forum. TCIA is excited to have a space for industry trainers to share ideas and resources while getting access to professional development support. Open discussion is encouraged to discuss training successes, challenges and to share resources.

Room 240 – 242

David Joseph, Joseph Tree Service

The foundation of any organization is effective leadership. The leader must figure out ways to get other people, with different roles and responsibilities, to work towards a common goal.

David will share what he has learned through cautionary tales and lessons from mentors and experiences about what makes an effective leader. This will provide you with multiple strategies and tools to help strengthen your leadership skills. These skills can be applied by owners and the newest employees alike.

David Joseph Bio

Room 101 – 106

Mark Chisholm, CTSP, Aspen Tree Expert Co

Mark has involved himself with the tree care industry since the age of 12. He also competed at the ITCC for 23 years earning a few championships! This experience has given him many valuable insights on remaining engaged and passionate about his chosen career while allowing him to maintain high-level consistency and safety. For. A. Really. Long. Time. Mark will share his advice and give you the tools to help maintain engagement, safety, and the ability to function at your peak over the long haul.

Mark Chisholm Bio

Room 210 – 204

Dr. Mike Raupp, University of Maryland – Entomology

Can insect and mite pests be managed organically? In light of pesticide concerns about the risk to beneficial insects, including pollinators and natural enemies, jurisdictions around the country are placing new restrictions on several insecticides commonly used by the green industry. Questions about the efficacy have arisen regarding alternative approaches. Dr. Raupp will present a review of the EPAs Reduced Risk Pesticides, those listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute, and biologically based alternatives to conventional insecticides and matricides. By protecting and conserving beneficial insects, our industry can increase the sustainability of managed landscapes.

Dr. Mike Raupp Bio

Room 243 – 244

Warren Williams, CTSP, Wright Tree Service

Every employee should feel that they are an integral part of the team. Unfortunately, some employees from an underserved population might have the mindset of feeling undeserved. This session will help you understand where this mentality might come from and give the employee the confidence and the support, they deserve to be a successful part of your team. Methods, tools, and techniques will be shared to help build a connection with these employees (or future employees) and to maximize the time and training invested with them.

Warren Williams Bio



Friday, November 5, 2021

Room 207

John Ball, CTSP, South Dakota State University
Tim Walsh, CTSP, The Davey Tree Expert Co

Our instructors will lead a four-hour, workshop-style discussion of the Z133 safety standard. The “Z” is the road map for tree workers to safely navigate the hazards on their job sites. We will explain how to interpret and apply its language to help avoid the most common incidents that occur in our profession. Separate registration is required. Includes a copy of the Z133 Safety Standard and continental breakfast.

TCIA Member: $125 | Non-Member: $175

John Ball Bio
Tim Walsh Bio

Room 240 – 242

Tad Jacobs, CTSP, QCL, Treemasters, Inc.

There are many different books about leadership, but most of these books seem to be written for Fortune 500 executives. Tad has taken his CTSP skills, three years in the TCIA peer-to-peer program as well as what he has learned from the dozens of member companies that he has visited and worked with to create a simpler style that resonates well with his team. Learn how proper leadership can promote a positive, safer, and efficient work environment and encourage employee engagement.

Tad Jacobs Bio

Room 201 – 204

Lindsey Purcell, Purdue University

Trees may not say much about it, but how they respond to this important arboriculture practice is often not fully understood by practitioners. Often, pruning specifications and directives are provided without explanation of the biology behind our discourse. This session will provide a survey into the impact of pruning including physiological and biomechanical responses from trees to improve outcomes with pruning.

Lindsey Purcell Bio

Room 234 – 244

Craig Bachmann, CTSP, Tree 133 LLC

The profession of arboriculture struggles with a lack of training, resulting in injuries, fatalities, and property damage. These issues are particularly challenging for small companies that are not ready or able to hire a qualified crew supervisor. Without a dedicated trainer, it is challenging to introduce new tools, techniques, and work practices. Causing the safety culture at many companies to become stagnant, out of date, and even dangerous.

Craig will discuss how professional contract climbers can be the solution for companies looking to improve employee skills and job site safety. Providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, together with proven training and leadership skills, the contract climber will demonstrate safe work practices, lead by example to raise awareness, improve skills, and enhance your safety culture. Smaller companies should take advantage of this cost-effective, on-the-job training to reduce injuries, fatalities, and property damage.

Craig Bachmann Bio

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Speaker Highlight - Craig Bachmann

Room 245

Erick Palacios, CTSP, Independent Trainer

In this Aerial rescue presentation, we will be sharing information that will help you respond in an emergency situation. Often, when faced with emergency situations the most basic things are the first forgotten and these are the most important. When we are scared our intelligence level goes down and our mind and body might freeze or go into shock.

Erick will discuss how to prepare for these types of situations, so you are better equipped to assist your teammates. Practicing various scenarios can be the best way to create muscle memory and create the mental connection you need to help and not become the second victim.

The majority of the accidents come from an attempted rescue, because of these factors; either by poor practice and not evaluating the scene or by bad execution by the rescuer. The probability of you becoming the second victim increases when you are not trained.

Erick will go over the flow chart for aerial rescue procedures and help you become better prepare for emergency situations.

Like the old saying goes;

‘It’s better to have the training and not need it than to need it and not have the training’


  • Don’t become the second victim
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Rescue Systems
  • Aerial lift Assistance
  • First aid and CPR
  • Continuing Education

Rescate Aéreo (español)

En esta presentación sobre rescate aéreo, compartiremos información que lo ayudará a actuar ante una situación de emergencia. A menudo, cuando se presenta una situación de emergencia, las cosas más básicas son las que se olvidan primero; y son las más importantes. Cuando nos asustamos, es posible que nuestro nivel de inteligencia disminuya y que la mente y el cuerpo se paralicen o entren en estado de shock.

Erick hablará sobre cómo afrontar este tipo de situaciones; así podrá estar mejor preparado para ayudar a sus compañeros. Practicar varios escenarios puede ser la mejor manera de crear memoria motriz y la conexión mental que necesita para asistir a otros y no convertirse en la segunda víctima.

La mayoría de los accidentes surgen de un intento de rescate, debido a estos factores; ya sea por una mala práctica y por no evaluar la situación, o por una mala ejecución del rescatador. La probabilidad de convertirse en la segunda víctima aumenta cuando no está entrenado.

Erick repasará el diagrama de flujo sobre los procedimientos de rescate aéreo y lo ayudará a estar mejor preparado para las situaciones de emergencia.

Como dice el viejo dicho:

“Es mejor tener el entrenamiento y no necesitarlo, que necesitarlo y no tenerlo”.


  • No se convierta en la segunda víctima
  • Peligros eléctricos
  • Sistemas de rescate
  • Asistencia con elevadores aéreos
  • Primeros auxilios y RCP
  • Educación permanente
Erick Palacios Bio

Room 240 – 242

Lisa Manning

Our businesses can benefit from a state-of-the-art operating system. Lisa will outline the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) model and how it can help you with simple, practical tools that you and your leadership team can use immediately for your business.
Some highlights of EOS:

  • Vision – Get everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you are going and how you want to get there.
  • People – Surround yourself with great people who will help you achieve your vision.
  • Process – Identify and document your core processes to create consistency and scalability in your company.

EOS is a great tool to manage the vision for your business, focus on priorities, get clear on issues and gain traction together as a healthier leadership team.

Lisa Manning Bio

Room 101 – 106

Matt Follet, Université du Québec à Montréal

A variety of equipment and techniques exist to assist the rigging arborist in removal operations.

Matt will present results from 2 research projects. He first project examined the efficacy of rigging thimbles in a negative rigging scenario.

The second project looked at the effect of mass/aerodynamic damping in a negative rigging situation, and how limb removal sequence can impact the load and forces in the stem.

Matt Follet Bio

Room 231 – 233

Aaron Feather, CTSP, Cumberland Valley Tree Service Landscaping

This session will take a look at the most commonly used knots in our trade. We will work from the basics, that every new hire should know, to the advanced with specific uses.

Aaron Feather Bio

Room 201 – 204

Audrey Sellepack, The Davey Tree Expert Co.

As a superhero, your priority is to keep everyone safe. When it comes to pesticide compliance, there is certainly no exception. However, in today’s tree care industry, with pests running rampant and regulations in a constant state of change, remaining compliant may seem like a daunting task. This presentation will provide you with the tools you need to be confident with compliance, eliminate those pests, and perhaps save the world – or, at the very least, Mrs. Smith’s crabapple tree.

Audrey Sellepack Bio

Watch Audrey’s Speaker Highlight Video

Speaker Highlight - Audrey Sellepack


Room 234

Stephenie Drago, Kathleen Costello and Joe Riley, TCIA

Winners of the TCIA’s Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA) will be on a panel discussing their projects that won and also answering questions on best practices.

Room 235

Bob Rouse and Aiden O’Brien, TCIA; ASC A300 Committee Members: Sam Hill, Wayne Dubin, Stephen Hilbert, Geoff Kempter, Tim Bushnell, Stephen Chisholm Jr., and Andrew Mertz

In this A300 open forum, you will meet members of the A300 Tree Care Management Standards Committee and learn how to use A300 standards to craft accurate work proposals, specifications, and work orders that will get you the job and streamline your operation.

Room 240 – 242

Bill Owen, CTSP, QCL, Brightview Tree Care Service – East Bay Tree.

Diversity in the workforce makes for a stronger team. Given that there are varying levels of skill and motivation in the workplace, managers and leaders need a varied approach to management. Managers have challenges to meet each employee where they are in terms of skill level and motivation. Therefore, managers and leaders must be skilled in supervision, delegation, coaching, and training. Every employee requires a slightly different approach when it comes to reaching their maximum potential. Managers must be able to identify the specific needs of each employee and adapt their approach to meet those needs.

Bill Owen Bio

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Speaker Highlight - Bill Owen

Room 101 – 106

Phil Kelley, Wright Tree Service

Selecting the right anchor points throughout the tree is the key to efficient and productive tree climbing. This session provides insider information on choosing and using available anchor points, along with some assurances to prevent you from falling.

Phil Kelley Bio

Room 201 – 204

Phil Perron, Barrett Tree East

What is Plant Health Care (PHC)? How will this fit into my business? And, how can I find and develop a competent PHC technician? This presentation will define all aspects of PHC, from identifying a good tech and manager to creating your PHC program. It will also provide information on the latest equipment and techniques and how they have evolved over the years.

Phil Perron Bio

Room 234 – 244

Ed Carpenter, North American Training Solutions

At NATS, we have successfully trained tens of thousands of workers across the US in various skills, competencies, and job duties. In 2020, NATS CEO, Ed Carpenter, was asked by the ANSI Z133 Committee Chair to stand up a new ANSI task group to focus on improving training in the ANSI Z133 Safety Standard. OSHA is releasing its new Tree Care Operations standard shortly, with training tree workers receiving a significant focus. Over 350,000 workers are being impacted by these standards and regulations.

Ed Carpenter Bio

Room 206

Joe Pippitone, Top Notch Tree Care; Jim Eaves, CTSP, Bofinger’s Tree Service; Josh Guin, QCL, Oak Brothers Tree Care & Removal; Jake Carufel, Canopy Climber Tree Care

This panel format will pose pre-written and developed questions to various panelists from different company sizes, demographics, and crane sizes, and brands. The goal of the discussion will be to figure out how to integrate a Grapple Saw into various tree care operations. Helping paint the picture of how each company incorporated the new technology into operations and answering the questions from attendees faced with similar integration possibilities. What advantages, challenges, and lessons learned along the way will be described.

Joe Pippitone Bio
Jake Carufel Bio

Room 101 – 106

Melissa LeVangie Ingersoll, ShelterTree

Ever come to work and know it is going to be a tough day just by seeing the crew you are going to work with? The simplest jobs can be the most dangerous without the right attitude.

Being safe is a choice, a mind-set; it is not a “done deal” that you are safe after you have been trained.
Melissa will share strategies about how to be more deliberate about you and your team’s safety.

Melissa LeVangie Bio

Room 240 – 242

Jeff Blackman, ArborMAX Insurance Program

Managing drivers, vehicles, and commercial auto insurance costs can expose your bottom line. Every time an employee leaves your yard in a company vehicle they are in charge of your investment, reputation, and insurance limits. Quality employees with clean driving records are in short supply. The cost of new vehicles, vehicle repair, and financial awards in lawsuits all continue to rise. These factors are driving up auto insurance premiums and the need for higher umbrella limits. This presentation will give you the tools to help manage your auto loss experience and your insurance premiums. We’ll discuss factors impacting commercial auto insurance and provide you with information to reduce the likelihood of auto claims and help you maintain a consistent, positive impact on your commercial auto premiums over time.

Jeff Blackman Bio

Room 201 – 204

Mike Raupp, University of Maryland – Entomology

Lanternflies, felt scales, armored scales, and soft scales are problematic one and all. Dr. Raupp will examine the biology of the new crop of invasive sucking insects such as the spotted lanternfly, crepe myrtle bark scale, and Japanese maple scale. He will also discuss recent progress in managing these pests. Learn how they arrived, where they can be located, and how rapidly they are spreading. Advances in materials and tactics for managing chronic established suckers including soft scales, armored scales, and pit-making scales, will be covered.

Mike Raupp Bio

After 5:30 PM – ON-DEMAND ONLY

Dan Holliday,

As with most arborists, Dan’s first six years in the industry involved a lot of hard work! Becoming a competent grounds person, climber, rigger, and overall crew leader required a crazy amount of skills. In the last few years, Dan’s specific focus on efficiency created a sharp increase in skill level covering all aspects of tree work. Dan now sees efficiency as a type of “cheat code” to obtaining the skill needed to handle the toughest challenges. He will share key insights that have helped him advance and which may help you take your skills to the next level as well.

Dan Holliday Bio

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Room 240 – 242

James Komen, Class One Arboriculture Inc

This presentation emphasizes the practical applicability of the standards to everyday arboricultural practice. The main focus is on Part 1: Pruning, and Part 9: Risk Assessment, but it is clear that requirements in each of these standards apply to even those who do not perform pruning or perform a risk assessment.

Defensive application of the standards will show how key passages limit the scope of an assignment and the potential liability exposure to arborists in the field. It highlights limitations to remember to include in reports, contracts, and work orders.

Offensive application of the standards helps prepare you for potential plaintiff strategies on the use of these standards to establish a defendant’s liability. Many attributes must be included in a report such as time frame, the likelihood of failure, the chance of impacting a target, and consequences. It also points to commonly violated sections of the standards concerning pruning operations.

James Komen Bio

Watch James’s Speaker Highlight Video

Speaker Highlight - James Komen

Room 101 – 106

Pete Nieves-Sosa, The Crane Man, Inc

There is an important relationship between the climber and the crane operator. Pete will outline critical tasks both the climber and the operator would be responsible for on the job site and what expectations are of one another. It will highlight each person’s responsibilities to safely perform crane-assisted tree removals.

Pete Nieves-Sosa Bio

Room 201 – 204

Luke Scheberl, Mid-State Technical College

Luke will cover why urban tree managers must consider soil health along with tree health. The importance of soil parameters and how to quickly measure them in the field, as well as the role soil has in tree health, are also going to be discussed. By understanding soil, we can better understand and care for the trees that grow in it.

Luke Scheberl Bio

Room 243 – 244

Evan Beck, CTSP, Wright Tree Service

Building off of Evan’s session from TCI EXPO 2019, “Competency in Arboriculture: How do you know if you have trained them?” This year’s presentation stems from an in-depth article written for TCI Magazine about motivation. Evan will cover some important strategies and tactics you can use to help engage and motivate yourself and your team members. The main focus will be on building strong teams by encouraging engagement and self-improvement in all areas of your co-worker’s lives.

Even Beck Bio


Room 240 – 242

Vicki Borror, Out of the Box Technology

This session will talk about five steps to increase your profitability using QuickBooks.

Step 1. Setup – Learn about common mistakes with setting up QuickBooks and how to ensure that you will get good results from the beginning and not default to the “garbage in, garbage out” syndrome.

Step 2. Skill – learn skills and training for the various user roles.

Step 3. Streamline – Learn how to streamline your workflow to get the best reporting and efficiencies in managing payables and receivables. Also, when it is time to add on other apps to supplement QuickBooks.

Step 4. Scrutinize – Review the output from the input. Check out QuickBooks reports, make your customized reports, and figure out what QuickBooks reporting might not give you?

Step 5. Strategize – Step back and create your plan to move ahead. What’s working and what isn’t?

Vicki Borror Bio

Room 201 -204

Les Day, CTSP, Mountain F. Enterprises

Les is the chair of the Z133 Task Group for Electrical Hazards. He and the task group have done important work in this revision cycle to clarify and even de-mystify guidelines for electrical hazard avoidance among arborists with different needs and qualification levels. Les will explain in-depth some of the Z standard’s proposed language and the reasoning’s behind it.

Les Day Bio

Room 231 – 233

Aaron Feather, CTSP, Cumberland Valley Tree Service Landscaping

Aaron will describe the steps he takes as a Safety and Training Director, with 50+ climbers on staff, to safely and efficiently set up, facilitate, and document aerial rescue training. This is a “How to” and “How to Not” practice aerial rescue scenario.

Aaron Feather Bio


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