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Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP) Forum

Current and prospective CTSPs can come together here to discuss common challenges, opportunities, and other topics of mutual interest.

Peer-to-Peer Forum

Want to know what a peer-to-peer group is all about? Get answers and learn how you can get involved with the only peer-to-peer networking group dedicated to the tree care industry!

Trainer’s Community Forum

TCIA will be rolling out the new Approved Instructor Guidelines and launching its Trainer’s Community at this forum. TCIA is excited to have a space for industry trainers to share ideas and resources while getting access to professional development support. Open discussion is encouraged to discuss training successes and challenges and to share resources.

Women in Tree Care Forum

Being a woman working in a male-dominated industry can present challenges. We’ll gather together to discuss specific topics, such as running a woman-owned business, developing a growing career and more. All attendees are welcome to attend to network and engage in conversations about their experiences in this industry.

Workforce Development/Apprenticeship Forum

TCIA will socialize its Arborist Apprenticeship Program support model and showcase its related learning resources. The also is an opportunity to crowdsource ideas for recruiting, training, and retaining a viable workforce.

Young Professionals Forum

Young people and new businesses make up a large part of the tree care industry, but it can be difficult for them to connect and find the resources they need to be successful. Hear about the experiences of other young people, and discuss ways you can get involved with TCIA to benefit your career and business.

Marketing Excellence Forum

Winners of the TCIA’s Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA) will be on a panel discussing their projects that won and also answering questions on best practices.

How to Write Pruning Specs Forum

In this A300 open forum, you will meet members of the A300 Tree Care Management Standards Committee and learn how to use A300 standards to craft accurate work proposals, specifications, and work orders that will get you the job and streamline your operation.