Contract Climbers: An Untapped Training Resource

The profession of arboriculture struggles with a lack of training, resulting in injuries, fatalities and property damage. These issues are particularly challenging for small companies that are not ready or able to hire a qualified crew supervisor. Without a dedicated trainer, it is challenging to introduce new tools, techniques and work practices, causing the safety culture at many companies to become stagnant, out of date and even dangerous.

Join Craig, Friday, Nov. 5 at 8 to 9 am to learn how professional contract climbers could be the solution for your company when looking to improve employee skills and job-site safety. Providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, together with proven training and leadership skills, the contract climber demonstrates safe-work practices, leads by example, improve skills and enhances your safety culture. Smaller companies should take advantage of this cost-effective, on-the-job training to reduce injuries, fatalities, and property damage.


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Speaker Highlight - Craig Bachmann