Are you new to the industry and interested in learning more about TCIA? Or maybe you are looking for like-minded young people in the industry to learn from and network with? Well, you are in luck! For the first time ever, TCIA is hosting a Young Professionals Forum at TCI EXPO 2021 in partnership with Student Career Days on Thursday, Nov.4th from 12:00 PM – 1:00  PM.

This forum is specifically designed to give young people in the tree care industry an opportunity to network. Showing the benefits of getting involved with TCIA has on your business and on your professional career as well.

At the forum, attendees will meet and hear from TCIA staff, a TCIA member executive on the organization’s Board of Directors, and TCIA’s public policy partners. Attendees will get the chance to discuss the issues facing young people in the tree care industry, as well as the solutions to those issues.

This is a great opportunity for students, young people, and those new to the industry to meet in a like-minded group and help move the industry forward.

Following this forum, TCIA staff will be in touch with attendees on how to move this group forward. TCIA believes that young people have an important perspective and play key roles in the industry. We want to ensure the momentum from this event carries forward to 2022 and beyond.

Bring your great ideas for what TCIA resources would help you as a young person or someone new to the industry, and suggestions on how a Young Professionals networking group could best help you in the industry!