Join us at the TCI Magazine Trainers Test Kitchen, a brand-new addition to TCI EXPO 2021! We can’t wait to show you what we have cooked up for this event.

In the Trainers Test Kitchen, the industry’s highest caliber trainers will reveal the secret ingredients to their climbing, rigging, and aerial rescue recipes giving tree workers more options on the job site. These 30-minute educational sessions feature a variety of topics offered by the industry’s highest caliber trainers. Take this opportunity to observe and interact with innovative professionals at close range and get answers to your basic and advanced questions.

The TCI Magazine Trainers Test Kitchen is a large demo area separate from the tree demo area and located in the TCI Magazine booth on the trade show floor. If you are looking for ideas or answers to climbing, rigging, aerial rescue, and more, you should attend this event! Interact closely with different instructors on several topics and meet the trainers.

Check out our Trainers in the Test Kitchen:

  • Travis Vickerson – Cut-Resistant PPE
  • Mike Tilford- Descendible Spar Positioning Systems
  • Craig Bachmann – Canopy Anchors
  • Ryan Torccicolo, CTSP – Advanced Canopy Anchors
  • Lawrence Schultz – Rigging Thought Processes
  • Phil Kelley – Evolution of Climbing
  • Jake Carufel – Throwline Basics
  • Erick Palacios – Aerial Rescue Processes