In a new episode of the Discovering Forestry podcast, TCIA’s president & CEO David White sits down with hosts Joe Aiken and Korey Lofy to talk about the future of TCIA and offer a preview of what is to come at TCI EXPO 2023 in St. Louis including the new Demo Dome! This is an insightful conversation about the whole industry and the future of tree care. David shared what he loves most about this industry: community and camaraderie. “In every
aspect of this industry, you tend to see people cheering each other on. People want to see their peers in the industry succeed.”

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See them live at TCI EXPO ’23!

David will do a live Q&A with ISA CEO Caitlyn Pollihan at TCI EXPO ’23 in St. Louis. Their Main Stage session in the Ferrara Theatre is on Saturday, November 18, at 8:00 am, and it is open to all EXPO attendees.

Joe and Korey will be airing a live podcast at TCI EXPO ’23 on Friday, November 17, at 4:30 pm in a Main Stage session in the Ferrara Theatre. With a combined 60 years of industry experience, Joe and Korey will offer their perspective on the evolution of plant health care.

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