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Invest in TCI EXPO.

That’s what Jarraff Industries Inc., maker of specialized, automated right-of-way maintenance, land clearing and tree care equipment does. Just ask Kenny Jones, director of sales, who has been attending TCI EXPO for 15 years. (As a company Jarraff has exhibited 20-plus years.)  “I can go there (TCI EXPO) and see 15 to 20 of our customers in three days and have great meetings, versus travel all over the country for two to three months,” he says.

“TCI EXPO is the place we go to continue relations with existing customers and build new ones and to show off our latest products. We are not expecting to sell necessarily,” Jones says, “although that’s a bonus, and we do sell Jarraff machines at TCI EXPO.”

“At TCI EXPO we continue to educate, not only established customers but also new ones.” So, why is that so important? Jones says because in those three precious days, Jarraff becomes immersed in an active industry in a motivated environment, and, “We get to show and explain new innovations and techniques.” That’s important to a utility or forestry customer, for example, who not only wants to know but also needs to adapt new techniques to meet new trimming standards which have likely changed in recent years. And it’s all different in different parts of the country.” For Jarraff that kind of exposure and credibility is a major TCI EXPO takeaway.

Looking for new, emerging markets? TCI EXPO has that, and Jarraff can talk to that as well. “Certain sections of the US are familiar and comfortable with Jarraff products,” according to Jones. “For our business the aerial saw blade machines with the rotating head were game changers. In Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, Jarraff is king,” he maintains. “But even after 40 years, the New England and Pacific Northwest states are just now just understanding our capability, again, largely because of demanding new regulations. Furthermore, he stresses that not only does Jarraff get to meet new customers, those customers also get to learn from industry peers – exhibitors and attendees – what Jarraff has to offer them. Reading between the lines of Jones’ statement, what he’s saying is that the exchange of ideas by exhibitors and TCI EXPO-goers furthers the education.

Jones concludes his advice stressing the need support TCIA which, in turn, supports the whole industry. “We need to support TCI EXPO. It’s what helps make us money and pay our bills. It is necessary that we give back and be there.”


For more information about Jaraff, visit jaraff.com!

Want to learn more about TCI EXPO and how you can get involved? Visit expo.tcia.org!

Jarraf equipment


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