Charlotte, NC Convention Center

This year, TCIA is Pulling It All Together! Bring on the Community, Unity, & Opportunity!

If a global pandemic taught us nothing else, it has taught us the importance of community. The essential act of people gathering with a common interest is not only a nicety, as we’ve all learned first-hand it is a necessity. It’s time for tree care workers to gather again for TCI EXPO, this year being held in Charlotte, North Carolina, November 9-12.

Whether you are a CEO trying to grow your business and support your team, a trainer, a climber, or a plant-health specialist, TCI EXPO provides a one-stop shop for you and your business. Come to learn new skills, find out about the latest equipment and technology the industry has to offer, meet and learn from experts and try out new gear and equipment.

Experience What’s New at TCI EXPO 2022 to:

  • Learn how to make your business more profitable;
  • Get tools for training your employees;
  • Discover which tools will help you sustain or grow your business;
  • Learn the latest science in plant health care;
  • Shop for and compare the newest equipment available on the market;
  • Get hands-on training; and
  • Have some fun!

“TCI EXPO is an opportunity to learn from each other, support each other and make new connections,” says Peter Gerstenberger, TCIA’s senior vice president of industry expertise. “We are excited to pull it all together for our community, creating an experience that is educational and lots of fun.”

There is something for everyone, including top-notch training, a new climber’s playground called TCI EXPOClimb, an outdoor Block Party, more gathering spots, and events for networking.

World’s largest tree care industry trade show

If you want to see the latest technology and software to grow your business, the TCI EXPO trade-show floor brings it all together under one roof, no matter the size of the equipment. Meet representatives from more than 200 companies to find out what equipment, products, and services would be an investment worth making for your company. It’s an opportunity to “kick the tires” and meet directly with the manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. You can attend the trade show for free!

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