Women In Tree Care – Symposium

Sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts, Davey Tree Expert Company, and Rainbow Tree Company

The Women in Tree Care Symposium is back!

We have an exciting lineup of women to speak about allyship, networking, mentorship, and how women and other underrepresented groups can support, amplify, and advocate for each other.

It takes place on Wednesday, November 15, at the America’s Center in St. Louis – more details coming soon!

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Join fellow women in tree care for an engaging, jam-packed day to keep you operating at your best while sharing tips on how to inspire the next generation of women in tree care.

Women in all roles of tree care are invited, whether they’re a climber, plant health care specialist, or work in office management, human resources, or as the CEO.

The Symposium will focus on four key foundational areas, including building and supporting healthy teams, improving customer service, developing a solid workforce, and the principles of healthy living. It also offers an opportunity to discuss how women can help each other and support the growth, diversity, and equity of the industry.

Jennifer McPhee, co-owner of Harrison McPhee Inc. will be the facilitator for the event.

The day features presentations, group discussions, networking opportunities, and a tour of the R.A. Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Experimental Grounds.

Topic Highlights:

  • How to build teams that thrive

  • Onboarding opportunities to increase employee retention

  • Improve your Vitality Decade Over Decade

  • Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Company’s Brand

Speakers include:

Women In Tree Care Symposium Agenda

Neal Glatt, managing partner and co-founder of GrowTheBench

Never before has it been more true that our people determine whether we win or lose in business.  Women in the Tree Care industry are uniquely positioned to help their companies succeed by building a thriving team, yet sometimes struggle to know where to start and how to influence sustainable change.  Sales, profit, employee retention, safety, and productivity have all been proven to be dependent on the team’s ability to thrive.  In this session, Neal Glatt, Managing Partner of GrowTheBench.com, will discuss:

  • Why a diverse team has the most potential for success
  • How a strengths-based approach unlocks the highest employee potential
  • The twelve factors that drive employee engagement and deliver great business outcomes
  • Where to start influencing organizational change from any position immediately

In addition, each attendee will receive a self-assessment guide to identifying company areas of success and opportunities to thrive which will enable the process of transformational change towards a thriving team.

Speakers: Kate Bolkin, Community Educator and Joi Mayo, Community Engagement Manager.
Panelists: Jane Myers, TreesCharlotte and Laurie Reid, City of Charlotte.

Presentation: TreesCharlotte “State of our Canopy” Presentation

Charlotte has an extraordinary tree canopy, but with Charlotte becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and welcoming roughly 120 new residents per day, it’s easy to understand how our tree canopy has taken a fast decline. Join TreesCharlotte to learn the history, importance, and current state of Charlotte’s prized tree canopy. TreesCharlotte will then take you through their Canopy Care pilot program to show actionable steps the organization is using to promote tree equity and care. By engaging with community partnerships, TreesCharlotte is working to enhance our under-canopied and underserved neighborhoods.

Afterward, join a thought-provoking panel discussion with female tree care professionals working in Charlotte, who are leading the city into a greener future. Get an up-close look at careers in community forestry and learn how similar tree advocacy and tree care programs reside in cities near you.

Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA

We would all love a clear roadmap to optimal health.  And although each person requires something unique, there are five basic pillars of health that help us navigate a life well-lived.  These need to be simple, attainable, and inspire us to make them a part of our daily habits. Wendie will provide a roadmap to help you manage your mood, your energy, and your brain to gracefully manage all of the things that life throws at you including:

  • The five core aspects of health, how they are interconnected, and what role each plays in establishing and maintaining health
  • How to flip the script and convert self-care from a “luxury” to our foundation
  • The pitfalls of diets, all-or-nothing thinking and perfection culture
  • Simple hacks in each category to “tip the scales” towards vitality
  • The role that our family and friends play in our success (or failure)

Each attendee will receive a signed copy of “Dirty Girl-Ditch the Toxins, Look Great and Feel Freaking Amazing!”, access to a 4- week “Feel Freaking Amazing” Program, a pdf Non-Toxic Guide to Healthy Living, and a pdf detox-focused cookbook; all of which are designed to get you back on track, experiencing more vitality and leveling up your experience of life.

Neal Glatt

The employee onboarding experience has been proven to make or break employee retention and performance, yet only 12% of employees strongly agree their company does a great job of onboarding. Onboarding needs to be far more than a warm welcome, team introduction, and discussion of workplace policies to excite and inspire our new hires. Unfortunately, most organizations have no idea what should be included to set themselves up for success with onboarding. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Why most onboarding programs fail
  • The five questions every onboarding experience must answer
  • How a strengths-based approach unlocks employee potential
  • The role of the manager in the onboarding program.

In addition, each attendee will receive an action planning worksheet to level up your onboarding experience with tactical steps which can be implemented immediately for success. We simply can’t afford an onboarding experience that is anything less than exceptional in today’s difficult labor market.

As a doctor, business owner, wife, and mother, Wendie is no stranger to a busy schedule. Join her for an informal, roundtable discussion about the effects of overwhelm. Hear Wendie’s strategies for running an efficient team; share your own secrets for success, and throw out those challenges to the group for their feedback. Ultimately, you will all leave feeling empowered to make small changes that lead to big results.

Tracey Miller, Content Manager, TCIA Magazine

Your company brand isn’t just about colors and creative graphics. Your brand identity is about how the public sees and remembers your company. It’s your reputation. Marketing is an opportunity to help you get to know your customer and for them to get to know you. Tracey will help you think about marketing in a whole new way to help create a memorable experience for your customers from their first impression to their last.

TCIA Member Cost: $295 | Non-Member Cost: $395

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Women in Tree Care Scholarship

TCIA will provide two $1,000 scholarships to women in the tree care industry to help fund their attendance at TCI EXPO. Funding goes towards registration for the All-Access Pass (3 days of education for TCI EXPO). The remaining funds can be used for additional expenses such as hotels, travel, etc.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is Friday, September 30th.

FREE Women in Tree Care Forum in Room 235

Be sure to check out the FREE Women in Tree Care Forum in Room 235 on Thursday, November 4 at 1:45 PM. It’s a moderated, open-forum discussion with key takeaways, AND some amazing raffle prizes, which you are totally eligible to win!

Workshop is Sponsored by:

Bartlett Tree Expert
Rainbow Ecoscience

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Finding Your Passion with Casey Jones and Kirsten Locke


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