I’m an Exhibitor

TCI EXPO has proven itself to be the best place to connect with tree care industry leaders. This is your opportunity to get one-on-one time with business owners, decision-makers, and current/future customers.

Make the most of your time at TCI EXPO with the resources provided by TCIA.


November 16-18, 2023
America’s Center Convention Complex
701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101

Booth Inclusions

Each 10’ x 10’ booth will be set with 8’ high background drapery; 3’ high divider drapery and one (1) 7” x 44” identification sign. Also included is lead retrieval through the TCIA Connect App, general exhibit hall lighting, daily aisle cleaning, and general security.

As an exhibitor, you are allowed a limited number of free exhibitor booth personnel badges based on the size of your booth:

Booth Size (in sq. feet) # of free badges
100 square feet 2 badges
200-300 square feet 5 badges
400-900 square feet 10 badges
1000-1400 square feet 20 badges
1500-2000 square feet 30 badges
Anything over 2000 square feet 40 badges

Each additional exhibitor badge purchased is $25 a piece.

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration will open on July 10, 2023. Registration instructions will live here once registration goes live.

Exhibitor Registration Details:

  • Log into your TCIA account online here. (Please note only those people designated as Primary and Secondary Exhibitor Contacts can register booth personnel. If you get an error message upon logging in, it means you are not coded as such.  Please contact our office at 800-733-2622.)

  • Select “REGISTER MYSELF” to register yourself as booth personnel if you will be at the show.

  • Select “REGISTER ADDITIONAL BOOTH PERSONNEL” to register each of your booth personnel.

  • Select from the available names in the company drop-down menu.

  • If someone is not listed, you can add them by clicking “ADD A NEW PARTICIPANT”. Please be sure to include their email address or they will not receive the email directions on how to print their badge upon arrival at TCI EXPO. These directions will be sent the week before EXPO.

  • Once all booth personnel has been registered, click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” to complete the registration. If you wish to add personnel beyond the number of free badges included with your booth size, you will be charged $25.00 per person at the time of checkout.

  • You may come back and add additional personnel, cancel a registration, or change information at a later time.

Exhibitor Booth Resources

TCIA partners with Fern Exposition to plan and produce the show. This means that all logistical needs (AV, shipping, material handling, etc) is the responsibility of Fern.  See the full list of Fern responsibilities below.

You can access all logistical needs via the Fern portal online, beginning May 15.

Fern Responsibilities Include:

  • AV
  • Booth Provisions/Ordering
  • Cleaning and Drayage
  • Electrical
  • Material Handling/Labor
  • Move In
  • Move In Schedule
  • Marshalling Yard
  • POV Details
  • Power Wash
  • Rigging and Sign Hanging
  • Shipping Labels
  • What can be ordered
  • What is included in booth
  • Work Rules (When to use/not use labor)


2023 Trade Show Hall

Exhibitor Move In Schedule

Marshaling Yard Address
1120 N 6th St
St. Louis, MO 63101

Exhibitor Move-in will take place November 14 and 15 from 7 am – 5 pm. Fern will send out the move-in schedule with your targeted move-in time in early August. Please stay tuned for additional details!

Exhibitor Travel

Exhibitors receive first access to TCI EXPO host hotels. TCIA sent these hotel details to all current Exhibitors on April 20. Please keep the following details in mind:

  • Hotels are exclusive to exhibitors from April 20 to June 1 (please note that hotel blocks will be open to attendees on June 1, so book early).
  • If you have a room block, please make sure all reservations are accurate by September 15. After this date, any rooms not used, or that are booked with duplicate names within a room block, can and will be canceled or released
  • The deadline for all hotel bookings to receive the TCI EXPO special rate is October 13.

Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities

View all sponsorship opportunities online here.

View all TCI EXPO specific advertising opportunities here – there is no better place to start promoting your booth! Spaces are limited and are secured first come first serve.

For additional marketing support materials, our Exhibitor Marketing Kit will be available in mid May.

Exhibitor FAQs

  • TCI EXPOClimb – continues for its second year! Now part of the main show floor, this area will focus heavily on products and services dedicated to climbing. Packed with exhibitors, EXPOCLIMB will also feature equipment demos live education sessions, raffles, and more.
  • Demo Dome – Picture this: live demonstrations of cutting-edge equipment right on the tradeshow floor, happening during all tradeshow hours. Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity to witness technology in action!
  • ASTI Raise a Pint Fundraiser – take advantage of an extra hour on the tradeshow floor on Thursday and enjoy happy hour with your customers while raising money for a great cause.
  • Thursday, November 16, 2023
    Show Floor: 10 AM – 5 PM
    ASTI Raise a Pint Fundraiser/Happy Hour: 3 – 5 PM (on the tradeshow floor)
    Welcome Reception (Sponsored by Vermeer) at the Anheuser-Busch Biergarten: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
  • Friday, November 17, 2023
    Show Floor: 9 AM – 4 PM
  • Saturday, November 18, 2023
    Show Floor: 9 AM – 1 PM

Note: As a reminder, TCIA requests that exhibitors do not hold an ancillary event that conflict with the official show schedule. For more information on our ancillary events policy, please click here.

The Move-in schedule will come directly from Fern Expositions, TCI EXPO decorator. This will be sent at the beginning of August. You will be notified. Be sure to submit all of your move-in forms to Fern by June 23 to be sure everyone has a safe and hassle-free move-in. The link to the Fern portal is under the task tab.

We realize that fraudulent offers of attendees (or member) lists and hotel bookings have been on the rise by third parties. Please keep in mind that TCIA will never ask you to pay for an attendee list and that the pre-show and post show attendee lists are included with a TCI EXPO booth. We strongly advise not to purchase any third party lists as they are inaccurate, and compiled or acquired fraudulently and in violation of data protection regulations.

In addition, TCIA does not authorize third parties to contact you on behalf of TCIA or TCI EXPO regarding hotel reservations. All reservations for TCI EXPO room blocks are to be made directly with the hotels listed on expo.tcia.org. We know these spam emails are frustrating and confusing – please know that we working to combat these and we appreciate your vigilance in the meantime.

Exhibitor Checklist

Manage all of the deliverables that are part of exhibiting at TCI EXPO. Below is a list of tasks with specific deadlines, details about each task, and links to appropriate materials.

Due Date Task Details Action Needed
Opens April 20, 2023 Book Your Hotel TCIA recommends booking your hotel rooms before the block is open to attendees on June 1. The Hotel link was provided via email to all current exhibitors on April 20. If you have any questions please contact exhibits@tcia.org.
June 23, 2023 Bulk Space Move-In Form This form is required for Fern to build a move-in schedule. Complete form via Fern’s Exhibitor Portal.
June 23, 2023 List of Equipment (width/height/weight) This form is required for Fern to build a move-in schedule. Complete form via Fern’s Exhibitor Portal.
July 31, 2023 Update your Booth Name, Description, etc. Ensure that your company information is accurate; it will be included in all TCI EXPO print/digital materials. Log into TCIA.org – Click on your company name – Exhibitor tab – scroll down to show the directory – click on the pencil to edit and save. The logo can be loaded onto the company info at the top of the page.
Mid-August 2023 Confirm Move-In Schedule Description, etc. Review the move-in schedule and confirm the date/time suffices. Contact Fern, if needed.
September 22, 2023 Demonstration Agreement Complete and return this form, if you plan on doing any demonstrations in your booth. Contact sblanchette@tcia.org
September 22, 2023 TCI EXPO Insurance Requirements Submit your Certificate of Insurance by September 23. Download COIs PDF HERE Submit to: sblanchette@tcia.org
Mid-September 2023 Review Fern Exhibitor Portal and Confirm Your Needs From Fern Fern Responsibilities Include:

  • AV
  • Booth Provisions/Ordering
  • Cleaning and Drayage
  • Electrical
  • Material Handling/Labor
  • Move-In
    • Move-In Schedule
    • Marshalling Yard
    • POV Details
    • Power Wash
  • Rigging and Sign Hanging
    • Shipping Labels
    • What can be ordered
    • What is included in the booth
    • Work Rules (When to use/not use labor)
Visit the Fern Portal.
October 1, 2023 Exhibitor Personnel Registration Register your exhibitor booth personnel online here. Log into TCIA.org and register your personnel at one time.

Exhibitor Marketing Kit

To help you make the most of your experience as an exhibitor at TCI EXPO ’22, we’ve created an Exhibitor Toolkit with some tips and tools to help you increase your visibility and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Make sure to take advantage of the tools and resources below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Engagement team by calling 800-733-2622 or emailing exhibits@tcia.org.

This Kit includes:

  • How use the new TCIA Connect app lead retrieval process

  • Tips for communication with attendees

  • TCI EXPO Style Guide

  • Social Media Best Practices

EXHIBITOR’s Lead Retrieval Instructions
on the New TCIA Connect App

  1. Delete the old app
    If you have the old TCIA app, please delete it from your device before you upload the new TCIA Connect app. (See instructions below)
  2. Install the new TCIA Connect App
    Use this smart link or QR code below (for both Apple and Android devices) to upload the app. Apple App Store DOWNLOAD | Google Play DOWNLOAD
  3. How to Scan Your Leads
    Find it: Click on the Smart Scan icon in the TCI EXPO ’22 event dashboard.
    Scan Your Leads: Your scan screen will pop up on your camera. Use your smart scan to scan the QR Code on the attendee’s badge.
    Add Notes: After you scan, a Notes Popup will be displayed, and you can enter notes about the lead. SUBMIT and sync the lead and you will get an Alert Message that says Scan Succeded.*
    See Scanned Leads: To see your leads, click on the button View Scanned Leads at the bottom of your screen.
    Search Leads: Click on the Search icon (upper right-hand corner) to search your leads.
    Email your Leads: In your list of leads, click on your contact’s email address to send them a note.
    Access a List of Your Leads: Click on the Envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner to email yourself a list of the leads.

*Note you can scan badges even if there is no internet connection, but you will have to SYNC up your leads when the internet resumes.

 How to delete an app on the iPhone:

  1.  Touch and hold the app.
  2. Tap Remove app.
  3. Tap the Delete App, then tap Delete to confirm.

How to delete an app on an Android: 

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. At the top right, tap the Profile icon.
  3. Tap Manage apps & devices. Manage.
  4. Tap the name of the app you want to delete.
  5. Tap Uninstall.

Tips for Using the TCI EXPO Pre-Show Attendee List

The TCI EXPO attendee list can be a powerful tool for generating buzz around your booth and creating connections prior to the show to make the most efficient use of your time at the event. Here are some best practices for utilizing the attendee lists before, during, and after the event.

  1. Get to know your prospects. Qualifying and targeting your leads might take more time, but when people feel like you understand their business, they’re more likely to respond.
  2. Get personal: Reach out with a personal email or phone call to let them know you’re glad they will be there and invite them to stop by your booth or one of the social activities.
  3. Target and segment your prospects: Send a targeted email to your prospects to share what your company will be doing at the show and give them a good reason to stop by.
  4. Offer a special show-only price or discount on your product or service to generate traffic to your booth.
  5. Use your analytics to see who is opening your email and make sure to follow up with whoever opens or clicks on links.
  6. Use social media. Reach out or connect with prospects on social media, for example on LinkedIn or Instagram.
  7. Differentiate yourself! Be creative. Be clear. Make it simple and professional. People are overwhelmed with information and inquiries and over 225 exhibitors will have the same list of attendees.
  8. On-Site: Use your lead generator on the TCIA Connect app to connect and create a lead list.
  9. Follow-Up: Plan targeted follow-up with your connections made at the show.  You can download your contacts through TCI Connect.

Contact the Corporate Engagement Team at 800.733.2622 or exhibits@tcia.org to request an attendee list.

We’ve got style;)

Consistent branding is key to a professional presence in the industry. Here are some guidelines that we appreciate everyone taking the time to read and apply.

Main color palette

Full color is preferred

Do not:

  • refer to the show as TCIA EXPO
  • alter the proportion of the logo
  • alter the color of the logo
  • attempt to re-create the logo, add to, or remove elements for the logo
  • use lowercase for TCI EXPO


  • Use the following structures TCI EXPO – upper case only Tree Care Industry EXPO
  • use the approved colors for the logo
  • use the logo to promote the event
  • use our number and email for any questions!

Option 1 – All black: log may be used over colors and images where the logo is highly visible.

Option 2 – KO White: logo may be used over colors and images where the logo is highly visible.

Download the TCI EXPO ’22 logo

Social media best practices

Get noticed and talked about before, during, and after the show! Here are some tips to make the most of your posts. Plus when you tag @treecareindustry we’ll share some of your posts throughout the show to our 61, 500+ followers during the event!

We’ve found the following hashtags to be the most relevant to our event and TCIA. You should also add your company-relevant hashtags to complete the conversation!


Post length: >80 characters
Hashtags: 0
The more hashtags you use on Facebook, the worse your posts will perform (on average). Posts with 80 or less characters receive an average of 66% more engagement.

Post length: 138 – 150 characters
Hashtags: 9 – 11
Use the new Reels feature as well as standard posts and stories.

Post length: 25 words for updates (1900 – 2000 words for articles)
Hashtags: 5 or less
The LinkedIn algorithm specifically looks for posts with excessive use of hashtags and marks them as spam.

Post length: 71 – 100 characters
Hashtags: 1 – 2 relevant
Tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement.

Description length: Only the first two sentences are shown in the search, use relevant keywords.
Video tags: use as many relevant tags as you can.
Hashtags – no more than 15 without spaces.

TCIA does not currently have a dedicated TikTok, but this fun media can be easily shared via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities

Exhibitor Code of Conduct

All TCI EXPO exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, courtesy, and respect for others. Disruptions that in any way interfere with the conference experience for other attendees and participants are not permitted. TCIA has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination, intimidation, or harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment by participants or our staff at our meetings. TCIA reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary and appropriate, including immediate removal from the meeting without warning or refund, in response to any incident of unacceptable behavior.

Exhibitor Anti Trust Policy

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is committed to operating within the spirit of all federal, state, and applicable international trade regulations and antitrust laws. Activity contrary to this policy is unacceptable, whether in its members, staff, or leadership.

To foster the intent of operating appropriately, TCIA will adhere to the following policy and will publish it to its members, staff, and leaders on an annual basis.

  1. All meetings of the Association, Board Meetings, and Task Force or Committee Meetings will be conducted with agendas distributed in advance. Discussions shall be limited to agenda items, unless the participants agree to an addition. There shall be no substantive discussions of Association matters other than at official meetings, with minutes being distributed to attendees promptly.
  2. All association activities, meetings, or discussions will be refrained from which are, or could be construed to be, for the purpose of:
    1. raising, lowering, or stabilizing prices including, but not limited to, current or future prices, pricing procedures, cash discounts, credit terms, costs, or fair profit or margin levels
    2. regulating production levels or schedules or concerning production facilities, capacity, or sales volume
    3. restricting customer or supplier classification, allocation, or selection
    4. limiting trade via distribution methods or channels
    5. allocating markets, territories, or customers or control of sales or market share in general
    6. encouraging boycotts or exclusions of products or services
    7. fostering unfair trade practices including advertising, merchandising, standardization, certification, accreditation, decisions to quote or not, or encouraging anyone to refrain from competing
    8. assisting in monopolization, including limiting or excluding anyone from manufacture, sale, or practice
    9. resulting in illegal brokerage or rebates
    10. affecting improper reciprocity in dealing
    11. refusing to deal with a firm because of its pricing or distribution practices
    12. discussing whether or not the pricing practices of any industry member are unethical or constitute an unfair trade practice
    13. violating federal, state, or applicable international trade regulations and anti-trust laws
  3. Association counsel shall receive a copy of the agenda of all meetings in advance, will review minutes of all association meetings, will advise on proposed policies and activities of the association, and maybe in attendance should there be any discussion that could lend itself to requiring clarification of appropriate conversation.
  4. All Board, staff, and committee leaders will be apprised of the possible basic areas of anti-trust violation of concern to associations and are responsible for maintaining a basic knowledge and monitoring adherence to the association’s anti-trust policy. These include: membership (restrictions, classes and sections, termination, and membership services to nonmembers), business or professional codes and self-regulation, statistical programs, prices and fees of members, cost programs, standardization, product certification, joint research, credit reporting, group buying and selling, export activities, professional credentialing (certification and accreditation), and approaches to government.
  5. Any member participating in conduct that the Board of Directors, by a two-thirds majority, determines to be contrary to the association’s compliance policy shall be subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination. Should a violation be brought to the Board’s attention, a procedure of due diligence will be followed including written notification of the matter and an opportunity to respond to the charges and attend a hearing on the matter in person. Termination procedures would be followed as outlined in the Association’s bylaws. The President shall be responsible for implementing disciplinary actions with staff.


  1. DO be familiar with the TCIA anti-trust policy.
  2. DO schedule and attend meetings only where there are appropriate agenda items for the Association to be considering. DO NOT participate in secret meetings, as they could seriously jeopardize legitimate Association activities and create a risk that they will be investigated.
  3. DO speak up if the discussion moves into the inappropriate territory; request the conversation to cease; and remove yourself from the room should the remainder of the participants continue.
  4. DO keep minutes of the meetings, report only actions taken and not discussion, have the attorney review them, and distribute them to the attendees promptly.
  5. DO use the Association as a vehicle for promoting the industry as a whole.
  6. DO seek legal counsel should sensitive subjects be up for Association discussion.
  7. DON’T establish programs or guidelines that are for the primary purpose, explicit or implicit, of excluding some members of the industry.
  8. DON’T, without specific authorization, make public or private communications about policies or positions of the Association

Generate Leads
with the TCIA Mobile App!

Download the TCIA mobile app and set up/log in with your TCIA account. Scan the QR codes on all attendees’ badges and generate valuable leads for your company! Business cards are not necessary – all you need is the QR code and the TCIA mobile app to automatically save the information! The app is free and a great resource for anyone attending TCI EXPO 2021.

QR Scanner on TCIA Mobile App – How To!

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Generate Leads
with the TCIA Mobile App!

Download the TCIA mobile app and set up/log in with your TCIA account. Scan the QR codes on all attendees’ badges and generate valuable leads for your company! Business cards are not necessary – all you need is the QR code and the TCIA mobile app to automatically save the information! The app is free and a great resource for anyone attending TCI EXPO 2021.

QR Scanner on TCIA Mobile App – How To!

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store


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